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My love of science began in my first year at Loreto College in Swords, thanks to a very inspiring teacher, Ms. Gore, who taught junior cycle science. I was fascinated by how science could be used to solve complex problems and that the only constant was change: transformation/revolution in our theories and consistent expansion in our knowledge. I could clearly see that science could be used to improve our lives. This was way before the time of STEM and STEAM being branded and well-known concepts.

In 5th year, we were encouraged to start investigating college options and my first port of call was to tour the Biotechnology labs in Dublin City University. After an amazing tour and lots of advice and encouragement from the DCU crew, a B.Sc. in Biotechnology became my number one ambition. Cut to the present day, I have spent my whole career working in science and solving complex problems.

I have my B.Sc. in Biotechnology under my belt, along with an M.Sc. in Technology Innovation and Management from the University of Limerick. My passion for learning and improvement has not decreased in any way. If anything, I consider myself hungry for more. It’s this hunger for improvement that I see in my daily interactions with my clients.

Most disruptive technology innovators began their journey many years ago. And it is my job to guide them through the complexities of the regulations and standards so that science can be used to improve all of our lives. I feel grateful and blessed to have this honour.

Welcome to my blog. I will be sharing insights into STEM and STEAM along with advice and encouragement on how you, as an innovator can bring your love and passion for science to life.

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